Who We Are

Hi! I'm a mama who loves to travel and share adventures in and about the wider world with my family.

I have a background in International Education and managing programs that facilitate cross-cultural exchanges. I have traveled to five continents and counting - on my own, with friends, family, my husband and my now 3 1/2-year-old daughter (aka The Whirl Girl).

Our extended family lives on both sides of the world - in India and the U.S. We live in between them in Singapore, and have friends and family scattered in other places around the world.  So The Whirl Girl has racked up quite a few airline miles in her young life, but we spend much of our time in the comfort of our own hometown.  

Since we can't hop on a plane or a train as often as we would like, we are using our imaginations as transport to explore the near and far corners of the globe.