Saturday, July 9, 2011

Malaysia Field Trips: Orchid Garden

Like most tropical destinations, orchids grow very well in the hot and humid weather found in our part of the world. With all of our projects about animals and plants in the rainforest, a trip to see some orchids in person was in order. Luckily the Singapore Botanic Garden has an amazing Orchid Garden, with hundreds of different species on display.

To make it more fun for The Whirl Girl (and to help keep her entertained during a leisurely walk through the garden), we had an Orchid Hunt, similar to our Zoo Kenyan animal safari. It was her job to find all different colors of orchids in the gardens.

In preparation, I made this sheet. I found orchid outlines to paste into it at this site.

Then The Whirl Girl used her crayons to color in the corresponding colors so that she would be able to tell which colors she was looking for (and to get her excited for the hunt).

ready to go

The Whirl Girl finds yellow
making notes of what she's seen
and even green
checking to make sure she has all her colors

It was a fun activity for The Whirl Girl and it helped buy the grown-ups more time to enjoy the surrounds.

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