Saturday, October 1, 2011

India itinerary

For October, Whirls and Twirls will be traveling to I N D I A !

flag from The World Flag Database

map from World Atlas

 We have three very good reasons for choosing India this month:

1) It's Diwali, the biggest Hindu festival of the year, on October 25th, and there's lots of local activities to celebrate.

2) The Whirl Girl is half-Indian (on her papa's side) and her Indian grandparents are here with us and eager to join in the Whirls and Twirls fun.

3) We are expecting the arrival of a new member of our family sometime this month.  I'm hoping that the enthusiasm and extra hands at home, combined with my own background knowledge and experience in India, will help us keep Whirls and Twirls up and running during what will likely be a sleep-deprived, chaotic, and intensely wonderful family time.

I'm excited to share some of the things that we know and love about India, and to find some new resources, ideas, and friends along the way.  

Here's our tentative plan for this month's trip.  The reading will be ongoing and the other activities we will do throughout the month, posting about and updating them as we go:

Reading: Five (+) children's books and one (+) grown-up books

Field Tripping: Bollywood dance class, Little India, and Diwali celebrations

Cooking: Gobi parantha, mango lassi popsicles and halwa

Making Music: Bhangra and Bollywood

Crafting: Rangoli, diya candles, Taj Mahal, peacocks, marigold and jasmine art

Conversing: maza - one of my favorite Hindi words

Giving Back: Asha, providing education for kids living in slums

We're packed and ready to go.  Here's some photos of India to get us excited for our trip:

(all photos from National Geographic)


Let's go!

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