Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Peru donation: Awamaki

Our charity for this month is Awamaki, a Peruvian non-profit working with impoverished Quechua women weavers to improve their skills and increase their access to market, thereby revitalizing an endangered weaving tradition while affording Quechua women with a reliable source of income.

I like their work because it supports two causes close to my heart: the empowerment of women and the preservation of traditional handicrafts. While searching for a women's weaving cooperative, I came across Awamaki and was impressed by their wide range of activities including economic development, education, and sustainable tourism. They are also featured on Global Giving, a charity website that connects donors with innovative, grassroots organizations.

For The Whirl Girl, it tied in with our weaving craft and many of our books that were set in the Peruvian Andes. She liked the idea of helping aunties that make the colorful blankets, hats, and shawls that she saw in pictures and in her books. I explained that these aunties don't have very much money and by sending them a little bit, they can buy yarn and supplies. Then they can weave blankets and clothes, and sell them to make money. I can see that she is beginning to understand the concept of philanthropy, in her own 3-year-old way. (Hoorah!)

writing a note to the aunties

our card - a bit of coloring and a bit of weaving

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