Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Peru music: Singing in Spanish

We were lucky this month to already have a handful of Peruvian songs in our music library, and to get some great suggestions from friends.

What we're listening to when doing projects and cooking (the first two are downloadable by song):
And I also asked a friend who is raising her kids bilingually (Spanish/English) for some suggestions of catchy kid's tunes, with bonus points for using our Spanish word of the month: amigo. This youtube video has been a big hit with The Whirl Girl, as has another song called "Hola Amigos (Hello Friends)." I can't find the exact copy online, but you can find some other fun ones at Amazon for download. Warning: you will be singing or humming "hola amigos... hola amigos... hola amigos" in your sleep. And maybe your kids will be too.

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