Thursday, June 23, 2011

Kenya Field Trips: The Zoo

One of the great things about traveling to Kenya is all of the amazing animals that live there. And conveniently, they also happen to be the animals that populate many zoos.

We are lucky in Singapore to have a fantastic zoo, so a field trip was definitely in order!

To tie in the visit with our Kenya month, The Whirl Girl made a Safari sheet, a list of many of the Kenyan animals that she would see at the zoo. As she walked around, she put a sticker next to the animals on her sheet as she saw them. She loved this activity!

Off on a safari we went! We saw...
...and mongooses (an animal that also plays a key part in The Lonely Lioness, one of her Kenya books for the month).

And we even got to feed the rhino, though The Whirl Girl was happier watching this activity from the side.

A great visit to the Kenyan savannah!

Since zoo trips are special outings, we also occasionally set up a "pretend zoo" at home to get our fix. The Whirl Girl's stuffed animals are put in "cages" all around the house and we walk around and visit them. Our zoo even has its own elephant show where the elephants dance to The Whirl Girl's favorite songs. Plus The Whirl Girl gets to bring her dolls and stroller along to show them her favorite animals. A fantastic rainy day activity.

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