Thursday, June 2, 2011


While we don't exactly aspire to create a geography genius like this girl, we thought the Whirl Girl might like to know where it is that we are going.

Thankfully, she's already a big fan of maps. We have two in our house that she uses regularly.

The first is a placemat from Crocodile Creek. As you can see it's well-used. The animals are a big hit.

And the second is a favorite book of The Whirl Girl's, the IKEA Great Picture Atlas. It has lots of pictures to search-and-find. Though it must be the only atlas in the world to have a two-page spread on Scandinavia.

We're trying to find some space on a wall to hang a big world map for this project. Someday I would love this one, but for now we'll have to find one a little smaller.

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