Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Kenya Field Trips

Here's what we've got planned:

Early in the month, we'll see Under the Baobab Tree, a play for kids.

The Baobab Tree is a very special kind of tree. Some even say, magical. If you sit under the Baobab, the most beautiful, colourful and imaginative stories will jump into your head, and impatiently wait to be told. With a wonderful combination of puppetry, mask, music and storytelling, it is an ideal introduction to African culture, animals and folk tales, with a host of quirky curious and colourful animal characters. Come, and find out how the Ostrich got her ever-lengthening neck, how crocodiles clean their teeth and how the hyena got his laugh…

And later in the month, we'll make a trip to the Singapore zoo and see the Wild Africa exhibits there and maybe feed a giraffe or a rhino!

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