Sunday, September 4, 2011

China crafts: Paper lantern

It's Mid-Autumn Festival time! Many of our projects and outings over the next two weeks will be centered around festival celebrations. If there's one thing that every kid needs to celebrate the festival, it is a lantern.

The Whirl Girl is already taking inspiration from two of the picture books that we're reading: Lin Yi's Lantern and Thanking the Moon. Lin Yi's Lantern features a lantern-making craft at the back, and we used those easy-to-follow directions.

One of The Whirl Girl's friends joined us, and this was a great craft for multiple kids to do together. It was quick and fun.

  • construction paper
  • scissors (I used scissors that make a design for a little extra flare)
  • glue stick
  • crayons

Step One: Decorate the paper. We used crayons to color it, though you could get more elaborate if you're so inclined.

Step Two: Fold the paper vertically. Make 7-8 cuts along the fold, about one inch apart. Do not cut all the way through, leave about an inch at the bottom.

Step Three: Glue the two short sides of the paper together.

Step Four: Make a handle with a strip of paper and glue it to the lantern.

The finished product!

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