Saturday, September 24, 2011

Chinese crafts: Pop-up Chinese city and the Great Wall

As we know, more people live in China than anywhere else: about 1.3 billion.  At least 1/3 of them live in cities.

I've loved these paper city and vehicle templates at Made by Joel ever since I saw them and have just been waiting for the occasion to use them.  What better way than to build our own "Chinese city"?  In addition to the city buildings and cars/buses/bicycles, I added a Chinese temple and the Great Wall of China from the Rainbow Kids China resources. We also looked at pictures and video of the Great Wall on National Geographic to get The Whirl Girl's imagination flowing.  And later in the day, we read Good Morning China, one of our books, and used her toys reenact some of the typical activities in a Chinese city park (tai chi, badminton and waltzing!). 

To make the city pieces, I printed them out on cardstock.  The Whirl Girl colored them and I cut them out.

Then we set them up in her room (on a convenient city Ikea rug). Her "little friends" all lined up to see the Great Wall and the temple, with the cars, bikes and buses on the roads. 


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