Thursday, September 29, 2011

China donation: The Library Project

It's my favorite time of the month - when we make our donation to an organization doing good work in our country of focus. 

Our donation this month will be going to The Library Project.  It's an organization that donates books and libraries to underfunded schools and orphanages in China.  They have donated over 350 libraries - and in them more than 300,000 Chinese language children's books.  Books and reading are such a big part of Whirls and Twirls that this was a natural fit. 

It was also something that The Whirl Girl could relate to.  We talked about how lucky we are to have a full bookshelf of our own and access to a library that has lots and lots of books.  And we talked about how some kids don't have any books at all.  We looked through The Library Project's website together, which has some great photos of kids receiving and reading books. 

And then for our card to send with the donation, we made a little book of our own.  I cut out some pictures from old cards and The Whirl Girl glued them onto paper, added some "words" of her own, and we stapled it all together with a note from me about our donation and our project. 

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