Friday, September 16, 2011

China crafts: Stuffed panda toy

We weren't going to do a China month without a panda!  I bought some black and white felt and we used it to make this stuffed panda toy.  It was easy, quick and fun to play with. 

Before the craft, we read Little Panda, one of our books of the month.  

  • black and white felt cut into pieces (the white makes the head and body (x 2 for front and back), 2 black arms, 2 black legs, 2 black ears, 2 black circles for eyepatches, and 1 nose)
  • glue-on eyes (optional - felt would be okay for this too)
  • cotton balls
  • glue

 Step One: Glue the black felt arms, legs, and ears on to one of the white pieces of felt. 

Step Two: Put cotton balls all around the body and head.  

Step Three: Put glue all over the back of the second piece of white felt (body/head) and glue it to the first piece, with the cotton balls in the middle.

Step Four: Add the face by gluing on eyepatches, nose and eyes.  Let dry. 

The Whirl Girl insisted that the panda should have a necklace just like her llama, so we took out some ribbon and glued that on as well.  

A new friend!


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